5 American Soldiers Killed ~ First American casualties in 2yrs

I was just going through “Poem pieces” I’ve made over the years looking for something I had written for Patrick and I’s anniversary a few years back and found this from my Navy Wife days…

“These lands have been built on the tears of us wives,
the air in this world is shared by our cries,
and wars have been won through the strength of our love,
carried for miles and fortified from above.”

I never finished it, but after reading about 5 soldiers killed in Iraq today it sort of popped out at me to share it. http://www.foxnews.com/world/2011/06/06/us-military-5-american-soldiers-killed-in-iraq/

My heart breaks to know someone somewhere is mourning the loss of their Husband, Son, Father, Brother (the Female reverse of each), that died.  I know Patrick was fairly safe in the US Navy, but he still was at risk and there was always worry anyway.  This just touched me that there hadn’t been any American casualties for 2yrs in Iraq until today, any kind of “peace” military families might have been feeling about their Soldiers in Iraq has now been shattered.