Exciting Day!

Well, I guess the sleeping thing didn’t get too messed up yesterday and last night I was actually really tired by 11pm and went to bed.  Yeah!  Sounds normal, but hasn’t been for a LONG time. I woke up this am at 7 and have felt pretty good and motivated.  I suppose it could be because I’m excited to be going to visit my family!  Haven’t seen my Dad in 9yrs.  I need to call and remind him that we will be there tomorrow.  hehe That would stink if he forgot and won’t be home.  πŸ˜€ Than Thursday night we’ll be staying at my younger brother’s house and my Mom will be coming there on Friday and my sister from Texas.  It’s funny because my Mom doesn’t know that we are coming down.  I hope we don’t give her a heart attack!.  She will be 75 on the 16th so that’s what this is all about.  Bringing her her grandbabies for her birthday.  It’s been about 2yrs since she’s seen them.  It’d been about 7yrs since I’ve seen my sister and atleast 4 since I saw my younger brother.  I’m sad thought that I won’t be able to see my big brother since he’s out in Ohio and can’t come.  😦

It’s going to be a busy next several days, but fun!  The kids are a great age for traveling now I think.  I hope πŸ˜€

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1:30pm… S t i l l …a w a k e…

Ok I’ve been wondering around the communities and user jounrals for HOURS now. It’s been actually somewhat theraputic I think. I’m not feeling too bad emotionally at the moment which is nice, but I am starting to feel tired. Ugh… So much for pushing it to 8pm. I might try and hold out until 3pm we’ll see. (I’m sure anyone that has seen my posts are REALLY happy I found this “Cut” tag.) Continue reading