The Cycle!

Fear -> Depression -> Anxiety -> Fear and round and round we go!!

Parents teach your kids to deal with emotions rather then shut them down for annoying you!

I am not sure how to deal with emotions in a healthy way. Period. I’ve been in therapy for years now, I’ve tried medication off and on. I’ve dealt with the violence from my youth, the survivors guilt from another child murder, the empty nest symptoms and I realized that my “goto” coping mechanisms are not working, and realizing they never really did they were just like a “drug of choice” to who we degrade by calling junkies. I never went that route thankfully since I was adverse to it growing up with an alcoholic.

I was steered to sitting infront of a TV screen emersion into families that were not at all like my own. “Wait ’til your father gets home!”…my step dad would usually be drunk he kept vodka all over the house and under the seat of the car in his truck even! Or how about this one?… “Here is a cookie if you shut up and stop “Annoying” me!”. I put my kids off at time myself, buy I would like to think that in the times they truly needed me I was there, but I doubt it. I chose to be a parent I should have put them first.