Email to Patrick

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Hi Sweetie,

I was going to order stuff from that other site you told me about, but I was thinking that maybe the reason they don’t want orders to be done only over the phone is because there would be NO WRITTEN record of the transaction. SO, I’m thinking probably would be better to do that order by mail; even better than phone. What do you think?

I hope you are sleeping well tonight. I miss you. I’m still sleeping with the kids in the room; kind of working out well. Although it’s just Clarissa and I in the bed and she ends up snuggling up to me on my side so that half the bed is vacant and I’m squished. Continue reading

Email to Patrick

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Hi Sweety,

Sorry I haven’t written yet. Sounds like you’ve been having about as much fun as I have. Hehe I am really tired. Last 3 nights I’ve stayed up and than slept during the day. I’m a dork I know, but it’s just scary to be downstairs alone, and also I’m afraid I’m not going to be able to hear Lydia if she needs me cause she’s sick with that cough still. 😦 Continue reading