Email to Patrick

~~~~~ Email Response to Patrick’s Email at Bottom ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`

Hi Sweetie,

I was going to order stuff from that other site you told me about, but I was thinking that maybe the reason they don’t want orders to be done only over the phone is because there would be NO WRITTEN record of the transaction. SO, I’m thinking probably would be better to do that order by mail; even better than phone. What do you think?

I hope you are sleeping well tonight. I miss you. I’m still sleeping with the kids in the room; kind of working out well. Although it’s just Clarissa and I in the bed and she ends up snuggling up to me on my side so that half the bed is vacant and I’m squished. LOL Grrr…

It’s been fun yesterday and today catching up with Lesa on AIM. I’m thinking that things are going to be better now with us maybe; seems to be going ok so far. I feel bad that she’s not happy and doesn’t have a wonderful man in here life like I have, BUT she will. Jeff was just a jerk. 😦 She obviously saw something in him that we didn’t get to see, but I think from what we did see of him that she is better off with out him.

I’ve had IM on chatting with Lesa and caught my Mom on and your Dad on at times and chatted with them too. Maybe this AIM thing isn’t so bad after all. Wish I could chat with you on it. I found out I can’t send you HTML emails. Seems that they get kicked back to me every time. I tried sending you a link to our website to let you know about the page I added called “Mom’s Links” which is a listing of sites for the things that my Mom has for research purposes.

Well, tired again tonight and it’s like 8pm so I figured I’ll go to sleep and see if I can stay asleep tonight. I feel more comfortable with the kids and I being on the same floor. I just don’t think it’s possible for me to sleep well with the kids upstairs and me down. Just hasn’t been working. So, when you get back Clarissa will be in the middle. Ok? Hehe Lydia on the Floor and Timothy on the Cedar chest.

I am going to start going to Water Aerobics in the AM Mon Wed and Fri, from 8:30am – 9:30am. I hope it goes well. Not sure I’ll last the WHOLE hour, but I’ll just stick with it. Should be fun. I shaved my legs today in preparation. Hehe I’ll let you know how it goes.

Love you bunches,

~~~~~~ Email from Patrick ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~“
Hi Honey,

How you doing today? Another day or so and we’ll be back to that port we were just so I can call you again. Don’t think we’ll be there as long as we were last time though. Thankyou for ordering that stuff for me, hopefully it won’t take him too long to ship it, but at least it’s ordered. Anything going on? Any more drama going on in the guild? Hate it when that happens. Just finished watching another episode of Farscape while the ship is at GQ. Another relatively boring/quiet day out here. They are still doing flight ops, I hope they stop soon so I don’t have to listen to it while I’m trying to sleep. Oh well, if they do I’ll just stick my pillow over my head or something. Love you and miss you sweety, have a good day.

Love Patrick

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