I really liked what I said here.

I¬† don’t care about his TAX RETURNS but I care about this Country!! and¬† you can stick it where the sun don’t shine if you think I don’t!!!¬† Omgosh…Wow, this was actually fun to have a debate, but now you’re¬† suggesting that I MUST be stupid, and a¬† republican loving, religious freak, and a racist????!!!!??!?? because I¬† am not an OBAMA LOVER, that the ONLY reason I would want to vote for¬† Mitt Romney is because he’s republican, a Mormon, or white???¬† SERIOUSLY!!! That is just shitty! Just because I don’t agree with Obama¬† doesn’t make me any of those things. Someone has done a number on you,¬† what are you reading anyway? Sheez…

I am voting for Romney¬† because he has proven that he can lead, he can work on both sides of the¬† isle and get things done. He turned Massachusetts around and even did¬† things that were more in the middle of the road than full on republican¬† there. Just as you said about George Washington. We need someone that¬† isn’t going to be playing the party lines, but doing what is GOOD FOR¬† AMERICA, not their party!!!!!

As far as him being Mormon, I¬† KNOW that they are known for their high standards, nothing in Mormonism¬† makes him evil like a serial killer or a terrorist, for the most part he¬† believes in Jesus Christ and whatever else will be sorted out with God,¬† and he won’t be pushing it on to Americans. One of the Mormons beliefs¬† is “We claim the privlege of worshiping Almighty God according to the¬† dictates of our own conscience and allow all men the same privilege. Let¬† them worship how, where or what they may.”… I don’t see why people¬† are so hateful of Mormons, that isn’t very christian of them.

Also, this country is a CAPITALIST Economy, for it to work you need to¬† know how to work in it or with it. When the heck did making money become¬† a bad deal. Don’t Democrats understand that if there aren’t people¬† doing well in the Economy there would have to be less government¬† because there wouldn’t be enough tax dollars to pay for everything?¬† Oh¬† wait could just take out a loan right. TRILLIONS in debt… So maybe we¬† aren’t a capitalist economy anymore we are a failed economy.

Bain Capital comes in when a company is about to fail, go bankrupt.

“That’s what they do, look for the vulnerable company to snatch up at a¬† bargain price. Then they need to decide what’s in the companies best¬† interest. Rip it up and sell off the pieces or try to save it because in¬† the long run it will make them even more money. Their responsibility is¬† to their stock holders, and they act accordingly. Under thirty percent¬† of the time they have to sell it off. Those are the stories you hear¬† about. Some of them they tried to save but couldn’t for whatever reason.¬† Much like that steel company we used to hear about so often. They¬† bought four of them at that time period and were able to not only save¬† three, but expand their business. The fourth they couldn’t and there are¬† a bunch or reasons for that. Over seventy percent of the time they are¬† able to save and grow the business.”

Also, as I see it, with¬† the Trillions in deficit we could look at America as a failing economy.¬† I can’t see anyone else better suited to come in and turn it around.¬† Seriously!¬† His ability to not just stay hunkered down in party politics¬† is I think one of his better assets too. He will help make it happen.

Do you seriously think that Bain Capital is the only company that is¬† sending jobs over seas? Most all customer service jobs have been sent to India call centers. That’s how I lost my job several years ago was the¬† call center moved from here to back east, technology out outsourced my¬† job. I’m not going to blame anyone, I’m going to get a different job!¬†¬† Also, the government doesn’t want companies taking jobs overseas than¬† maybe have tax incentives for the money to be made here. 15% of¬† $21million dollars is a heck of a lot more than 15% of $50k…What the¬† heck is the problem.¬† Why should someone making $21million have to pay¬† 30% or more in income tax??? I DON’T understand that.

After¬† reading the Wikia I honestly don’t think that Mitt is all about the¬† money. He is willing to give to others and help because he KNOWS he can¬† do a good job!!

Drama MAMA

Dear Moon,

What a day… seems to have been one of the longest days EVER…I am the Drama MAMA today I guess.

  • Cried and fought with my brother
  • Cried some more about my dog Shadows death
  • Cried and fought with my husband
  • Had words with Timothy
  • Got into a tiff with Lydia
  • Cried again about missing Shadow

Made up with everyone on the list except for my brother.¬† I did send a long message though, which might patch things up and might not, I know so little about him now that it might make things worse.¬† Also, I did enjoy walking with Mindy at the track.¬† After the tiff with Lydia, I really enjoyed talking with Lydia. I have always enjoyed spending time with Timothy even though like now,¬† we aren’t really saying anything, just sitting a few feet apart at two separate computers. I think I’ll poke him in the arm and make him wonder what that was about.¬† Lol¬† It’s after 2am I NEED to sleep!

Haha I poked him and he said…”What?” and I said “Nothin”.¬† Lol!!

Goodnight Moon hopefully later today (since it’s already tomorrow) will have a lot less tears…