I really liked what I said here.

I  don’t care about his TAX RETURNS but I care about this Country!! and  you can stick it where the sun don’t shine if you think I don’t!!!  Omgosh…Wow, this was actually fun to have a debate, but now you’re  suggesting that I MUST be stupid, and a  republican loving, religious freak, and a racist????!!!!??!?? because I  am not an OBAMA LOVER, that the ONLY reason I would want to vote for  Mitt Romney is because he’s republican, a Mormon, or white???  SERIOUSLY!!! That is just shitty! Just because I don’t agree with Obama  doesn’t make me any of those things. Someone has done a number on you,  what are you reading anyway? Sheez…

I am voting for Romney  because he has proven that he can lead, he can work on both sides of the  isle and get things done. He turned Massachusetts around and even did  things that were more in the middle of the road than full on republican  there. Just as you said about George Washington. We need someone that  isn’t going to be playing the party lines, but doing what is GOOD FOR  AMERICA, not their party!!!!!

As far as him being Mormon, I  KNOW that they are known for their high standards, nothing in Mormonism  makes him evil like a serial killer or a terrorist, for the most part he  believes in Jesus Christ and whatever else will be sorted out with God,  and he won’t be pushing it on to Americans. One of the Mormons beliefs  is “We claim the privlege of worshiping Almighty God according to the  dictates of our own conscience and allow all men the same privilege. Let  them worship how, where or what they may.”… I don’t see why people  are so hateful of Mormons, that isn’t very christian of them.

Also, this country is a CAPITALIST Economy, for it to work you need to  know how to work in it or with it. When the heck did making money become  a bad deal. Don’t Democrats understand that if there aren’t people  doing well in the Economy there would have to be less government  because there wouldn’t be enough tax dollars to pay for everything?  Oh  wait could just take out a loan right. TRILLIONS in debt… So maybe we  aren’t a capitalist economy anymore we are a failed economy.

Bain Capital comes in when a company is about to fail, go bankrupt.

“That’s what they do, look for the vulnerable company to snatch up at a  bargain price. Then they need to decide what’s in the companies best  interest. Rip it up and sell off the pieces or try to save it because in  the long run it will make them even more money. Their responsibility is  to their stock holders, and they act accordingly. Under thirty percent  of the time they have to sell it off. Those are the stories you hear  about. Some of them they tried to save but couldn’t for whatever reason.  Much like that steel company we used to hear about so often. They  bought four of them at that time period and were able to not only save  three, but expand their business. The fourth they couldn’t and there are  a bunch or reasons for that. Over seventy percent of the time they are  able to save and grow the business.”

Also, as I see it, with  the Trillions in deficit we could look at America as a failing economy.  I can’t see anyone else better suited to come in and turn it around.  Seriously!  His ability to not just stay hunkered down in party politics  is I think one of his better assets too. He will help make it happen.

Do you seriously think that Bain Capital is the only company that is  sending jobs over seas? Most all customer service jobs have been sent to India call centers. That’s how I lost my job several years ago was the  call center moved from here to back east, technology out outsourced my  job. I’m not going to blame anyone, I’m going to get a different job!   Also, the government doesn’t want companies taking jobs overseas than  maybe have tax incentives for the money to be made here. 15% of  $21million dollars is a heck of a lot more than 15% of $50k…What the  heck is the problem.  Why should someone making $21million have to pay  30% or more in income tax??? I DON’T understand that.

After  reading the Wikia I honestly don’t think that Mitt is all about the  money. He is willing to give to others and help because he KNOWS he can  do a good job!!

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