Stressed & Excited…

556322_577231372341476_958354705_nHello Moon!,

It’s been awhile since I posted which I figure is a good thing.  I’m not really down or being too “thoughtful”, just stressed and worried and excited all at the same time!!  At the moment I’m waiting for Paavo to be done with surgery. I should get a call soon I hope. They said he’d go in at 9:30pm. He had a lump on his chest that got sore, we hadn’t ever noticed it until it got all scabbed over a week ago. We watched it then it started seeming to be larger, and then we thought we better do some warm compresses and hydrogen peroxide since he’d come in from being outside and had dirt in it. He’s such a lower rider. 😛  We leave soon for a week to California and just didn’t feel it could go any longer so I was able to get him into the vet and she said the cleanest, least amount of upkeep way to take care of it would be to just remove the lump completely, and when we started discussing his behavior I told her he wasn’t fixed yet and she said. “OH! i can do that quick too.” So, he’s in have three lumps removed. 😛  I’m nervous for him. I hope she is right and everything goes well and he’ll be mostly on the mend by the time we leave. We have a wonderful guy coming to house/dog/cat sit for us so I know Paavo will be in good hands. Anyway, Just stressed me out all day, well except for the hour Patrick & I were at Massage Envy getting a massage. 😛 hehe

I’m so excited to see my Mom & (Step) Dad, Sister, Brother, Rochelle &  meet my niece Addison!  Sooo many other family that won’t be there that I wish could be but can’t. It’s been so long since I’ve seem many of my family members. Anyway, I’m just excited, but I’m also kind of sad because I know I’ll miss them more after we have to say good bye. It’s crazy the way my mind works sometimes!! So, I’m determined to just be excited, have fun and enjoy my family.

Also Patrick’s birthday is Saturday and we’ll be taking the kids to Disneyland for his birthday for three days. I’ve never seen California Adventure so really looking forward to that!

Goodnight Moon