Drama MAMA

Dear Moon,

What a day… seems to have been one of the longest days EVER…I am the Drama MAMA today I guess.

  • Cried and fought with my brother
  • Cried some more about my dog Shadows death
  • Cried and fought with my husband
  • Had words with Timothy
  • Got into a tiff with Lydia
  • Cried again about missing Shadow

Made up with everyone on the list except for my brother.  I did send a long message though, which might patch things up and might not, I know so little about him now that it might make things worse.  Also, I did enjoy walking with Mindy at the track.  After the tiff with Lydia, I really enjoyed talking with Lydia. I have always enjoyed spending time with Timothy even though like now,  we aren’t really saying anything, just sitting a few feet apart at two separate computers. I think I’ll poke him in the arm and make him wonder what that was about.  Lol  It’s after 2am I NEED to sleep!

Haha I poked him and he said…”What?” and I said “Nothin”.  Lol!!

Goodnight Moon hopefully later today (since it’s already tomorrow) will have a lot less tears…

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