Been a Loooong time

Well, been awhile since I updated. Funny how time just slips by. I’ve heard most all my life how as we get older time just seems to go faster and faster. I remember things taking FOREVER when I was a kid.

Anyway, lets see since November… Let’s see. We had a wonderful Christmas. It was the first Christmas in a long time where I was actually “there” physically and emotionally. I was really pretty happy. Been awhile since I’ve been happy around the holidays. I hope this is a new trend. 😀

Lydia’s Birthday went really well. Can’t believe she turned 9 on Jan 26th. *Boggle* Depression really sucks cause I feel like I’ve been checked out for so long. Feel guilty, but I just have to not do that and think that things will be better. Got to start looking more on the bright side of things and keep things positive.

Timothy’s Birthday will be Wednesday. He’ll be 12!! Not really looking forward to the teenage years, but I am in some ways I guess. I am looking forward to getting to know him in away that is truly him. Seems like when they are younger the kids pretty much try and like what I like or Patrick likes, but now he’s getting older he’s got more ideas of what HE wants and likes and it’s REALLY cool. He got 5 A’s, 1 B and 1 C on his report card and it was cool how proud he was of HIMSELF. I’m so glad that he strives to do well for himself and not just so he doesn’t get into trouble with us. hehe

Seems like those long fingers we commented about being Piano fingers when he was born seem to be well suited for the Violin. He’s doing really well with it and it’s a pleasure to hear him play and enjoy himself practicing.

Lydia seems to be wanting to be all grown up already. She has always seemed kind of like an old spirit to me. She seems more mature than me at times. LOL I remember the comments from when she was 3yrs old “Do you like being angry with your children?” with her hands on her hips and all. What a joy. I call her my Jimmy Cricket cause she just calls it as she sees it. She’s noticing the older girls at school have changed and she thinks more about how she’s going to be changing in the next couple years. She’ll come up and ask me questions out of the blue about things. I was just hugging her goodnight and she said “If I was going on on my own you wouldn’t be letting go?” hehe Where the heck did that come from? She’s 9! She can’t be thinking about going out on her own yet! LOL I asked her about it and she said she’ll be going on her own around 20. So that’s ok. LOL!

Clarissa is so energetic and loves attention. She’s really clingy when she gets tired which is really cute and times and annoying at others, but mostly cute. 😀 She’s the only one that we’d find asleep in bed when she got tired. She never had to wait for us to tell her to go to bed. She’s tired she goes to bed. Hehe Timothy fights it more and Lydia stalls sometimes but she pretty much plays by the rules. Clarissa is kind of into stalling more now though. She’ll be 7 on March 9th. So just a bit over a week away.

I am soooo thankful for having such wonderful children. I am so blessed. With my low image of myself I think somewhere someone made a mistake, but I’ve been trying to tell myself that my children and lucky to have me as a Mother. I love them and care about them. Yes I’ve been check out so to speak off and on the past several years, but it’s been hard going it alone at times.

Well, I’ve got a bad cold and I’m starting to have coughing fit again so I better wrap this up. I’ll try and remember to write more tomorrow. We’ll see.

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