Timothy & Clarissa’s Birthdays

We celebrated Timothy’s birthday last weekend and went to Skippers for dinner and saw Eight Below. It was a nice night together as a family, but that movie was soooooo sad. Patrick had to go out with Clarissa a few times cause she was crying so hard. It was a good movie, but didn’t realize it’d be so sad. 😦 Just have very sensitive children. Which is a good thing I guess, but I don’t want them to be able to get hurt easily. Anyway, it was a really nice night. Forgot to take pictures. We ended up doing Timothy’s Cake and presents on Wednesday since that was his birthday day. March 1st. He made out pretty well and got a Nintendo DS, Nintendogs game, and some DS accessories and the book Inkspell. He LOVES to read, I think that is something that is soooo cool about Timothy. I never really got into reading until I was about 30 and here he his a reading machine and he’s only 12. I hope he continues to love reading. I think it’s helped him soooo much with English classes at school.

Tonight we celebrated Clarissa’s birthday. She chose to go to Applebees and see The Pink Panther. We tried getting into Applebees last weekend, but it was packed and was going to be 45min wait. Tonight was only about 20min so it went really well. Earlier in the day she opened her presents and we decided to have her cake tomorrow since it’s pretty late tonight. We just got home about 9:45pm so figure it was just too late for cake. She got a Ninetendo Gameboy mini it’s so cute and little. Fits her hands really nice and she got a Curious George game to go with it, also she got some playdoh, a perfection game, and a 100 piece scooby doo puzzle. Her actual birthday day will be March 9th, but Patrick won’t be home for it. So we are celebrating hers early. He hasn’t been around for her last 4 birthdays. At least he’s home close to it this year. 😀

We are so good at celebrating special occasions near the actual date rather than on it. hehe Guess it comes with the territory. I am looking forward to Patrick’s retirement. It will be really odd to actually look forward to celebrating occasions on their dates.

Well, I’m STILL sick this cough has been kicking my butt for about 2wks now and I don’t have a fever with it so I’m just guessing it’s going to have to run it’s coarse. *Shrugs* Oh well, I better get upstairs and watch some TV before Lydia comes down here asking for me. It’s comforting to them all to know that I’m upstairs with them. I remember the TV going as a comfortable sound when I was growing up. Was nice hearing my Mom awake busy while I went to sleep.

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