Email to Patrick

~~~My reply to Patricks’ email at the bottom of the page ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Hi Sweety,

Sorry I haven’t written yet. Sounds like you’ve been having about as much fun as I have. Hehe I am really tired. Last 3 nights I’ve stayed up and than slept during the day. I’m a dork I know, but it’s just scary to be downstairs alone, and also I’m afraid I’m not going to be able to hear Lydia if she needs me cause she’s sick with that cough still. 😦 She stayed up yesterday, but I medicated her before bed last night and she slept pretty well, and than I medicated her before she went off to school so we’ll see how it goes. I need to get some rest or I’m going to get sick too. Ewww…

OH!! Sort of good news about my Mom. Well, the Oncologist said that she is at stage 1 some where or basically “pre” cancer. “Benign Gramogrophy”. Didn’t look it up yet, but from looking at the words it looks like gram-ograophy would mean that her X-rays don’t show any real signs of cancer maybe? I don’t know. Anyway, she is still having issues with her tongue and lower back problems. Also the cronic infections aren’t a good sign also. Got to be a relief though to know it’s not full blown cancer yet.

Aunt Elaine did some research about it and found it was related to the Cosmetology chemicals from being a hair dresser. Grrr… So looks like being around all those chemicals had to have gotten to her.

Talked with your Mom yesterday; was nice to touch base. They are doing well so that’s good.

Wind storm is scary. Yikes. I hadn’t been able to get out to the store the past couple days between Lydia coughing up a lung and my sleep being upside down so I just got done ordering groceries online. I saw your message about the wind storms so I bought a few things of water also just in case.

I still need to get out and get some Ferret food though I think. Might be enough to get us through the weekend. We’ll see.

Well, Have a wonderful day Honey. I miss you SOOOOO much. I can’t count how many times you pop into my head during the day. “Oh I should tell Patrick…Oh he’s not here” … “Patrick did you see that…He’s not here” … “I should go see what Patrick’s doing…he’s not here” … “I should ask Patrick about such and such…He’s not here.” These thoughts just happen in a split second, but there are emotions that go with it too like an up than an instant Oops and than a downer. It’s really rather interesting actually. Funny how I can just have the thoughts cross my mind so often. Guess it’s good to know that just cause you’re out of sight doesn’t mean you’re out of mind.

OH, there was an EQ2 update. I was going to jump on your computer and update it for you, and than realize you have yours with you. LOL The update is kind of cool. New advancement system and some other stuff is new too. I’ll have to go read up on. Want me to cut and paste the update into an email to you?

Well, I better get some sleep. I’m REALLY tired now. Love you bunches.
*BIG Hugs*,

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~EMAIL FROM PATRICKTO ME ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Hi Honey Bunny,

How are things going for you? Hope everything is going good and the kids are being good for you. Just the usual out here, kinda boring, just trying to find stuff to do to keep busy to make time go by faster. Apparantly they’ve been having some fights and incidents onboard that appear to be racially motivated, so the Captain is talking to ships’ company about it today. Did you hear about our little incident while pulling out? Somebody decided they didn’t want to go, so they took a running jump off the flight deck into the water. Tugboats picked him up and took him back to shore, he’s probably at the psych. ward by now, or under lock and key somewhere. We ended up not leaving until after lunch time because it was too windy out. Well, that’s about all the excitement we’ve had so far out here, I Love you and miss you sweety pie. Take care and I’ll call you when we get to San Diego.

Love Patrick

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