Ugh… Well, sort of screwed things up again and it’s 4am. Grr… I’m still getting up at 7am no matter what. I need to probably not be so hard on myself when I mess this up. *Sigh*

Today was a pretty good day though over all. Beautiful weather for the most part and I enjoyed hanging out with the kids helping them with their homework after school. It’s always nice to talk with them one on one and interact. They are always surprising me. OH, Timothy was home for 5min the other day and said…”Mom I’ve been home for 5min already and you haven’t asked me how my day was.” hehe I guess I was being a little slow the other day. LOL It was pretty cute though. I replied. “Well, you didn’t ask me how my day was.” We giggled. Reminded me of when I got after Lydia about something when she was almost 3 and she put her hands on her hips and said. “Do you like being angry with your children?” LOL! Mouth dropped open. She’s so cute. I answered her “Do you like making your Mother angry?”. heh

Kids say the darndest things. I love spending time with them and just learning from them. OH hehe I remember Clarissa asking what the little seeds on top of her hambuger were. “Mommy what are these seeds?” I said, “You mean the sesame seeds on top?”. “Yes, do they grow hamburgers?” LOL!!!! Soooooo cute!

The thing I need to get with my counselor about though is when I sit back thinking of things things or enjoying my kids there is the kid in my that wonders. ‘Did my parents ever do this with me?’ and I think I’d have to answer no. I never remember my Mom just sitting with me or reading to me, helping me with homework or anything. She was so busy with 4 children and working and trying to make ends me that I don’t think she was able to enjoy us. I feel bad for her, and what I missed out on also. *Sigh*

I better get to bed. Lack of sleep is REALLY bad for my mood I’m sure.

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