Email to Patrick

Hi Babe,

Well, last couple days have been rather looong, it’s really hard to have you home and be “used” to you and than blip you’re gone. I miss you already and I know there’s still much more time to go. I’m trying to get on a better sleep schedule (as usual) so I’m going to keep this short.

Kids are doing well, although I think they are all a bit “fussy” cause you’re gone and everyone is somewhat on edge. We went out to the NEX on Tuesday night to pay the Military Star card off and ended up spending money for summer clothes for the kids and stuff. So, basically everyone should have enough shorts and shirts for the summer. I told the kids no more clothes until just before school. I really think we should have gone back to JC Penny though. I’m not happy with the exchange all that much anymore. No need to charge it so might as well go somewhere I like from now on. I’m going to start putting money away for school clothes. Figured probably need about $600 for school clothes and supplies. And about $2000 for Christmas? LOL I can’t believe how much money we charged last year. Yikes. We really need to sit down and make a budget when you get home and save a little each month for stuff. I suppose there isn’t any time like the present though could you please list all the things that you can think of that we will be needing with in the next year and add to the list I’m starting here.

$600 School Clothes/Supplies
$2000 Christmas
$600 Pets

(House taxes and Insurance? Or set up an escrow account?)

Today Timothy went over to Quinton’s house and he seemed to have had a good time. I think he really enjoyed hanging out with someone WITHOUT his sisters around. That has got to be a relief I think. I know the girls drive me crazy sometimes and I am one. LOL

Ok well, so much for keeping it short. 🙂 Be careful of those mean old bears honey. No more getting mauled ok? I’m glad that Adams is getting out too. I don’t recommend anyone trying to have a family and be in the military. I’m sure it is a good thing for some, but I don’t recommend it.

I’m going to go sleep now hopefully. I woke up EVERY hour last night pretty much except for the 2.5 hrs I slept in there. LOL I kept hearing either Clarissa roll over and hit the wall or Timothy hit the closet doors and it sounds like it is upstairs and just instantly woke me up. Also, my coughing and I’m sure snoring wasn’t helping any. LOL OH and Lydia rubbing her foot on my leg!! Grrr.. I guess cause it was scratchy? 😀

Wish me luck. I miss you SOOOOOO!!! Much, Sharolyn

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Email to Patrick ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Hi Hun,

How are things going? Just the usual out here. I miss you and the kids bunches already, can’t wait for this underway to be over with. I have a computer to myself for a few days, until we pull into (Cut for security purposes) and everybody gets back from being TAD. We have (Cut for security purposes), so kind of nice with the extra room. I borrowed a hunting game from EN1 and was playing that last night, kind of fun, got mauled by a bear a few times, hehe. What you been up to? I was talking with Adams a few minutes ago, Tiffany’s husband, he’s getting out around the same time I do, so last underway for him too. Seems like alot of people are getting out these days, maybe just people I know. shrug. I checked on the pay and they say the extension is in there so it shouldn’t stop, just keep an eye on it to make sure. Anyways, have a meeting to go to, talk with you later.

Love Patrick

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