BP Oil Mess…

Dear Journal,

I am sooooo angry about this whole BP mess!! The more I learn about it all the more angry I am!! We live in a “Free” country, with freedom of Press right? Seems to me that main stream news casts DO NOT TELL US THE WHOLE STORY…seems like we are given just what certain people want us to know. Whatever happened to “JUST THE FACTS”… It’s like the news is 80% OPINION/SPIN and 20% fact these days! The News has become just another form of Advertisement for certain people/parties/groups agendas! Who can pay the most money, who can use leverage to “Spoon Feed” all of us whatever they want us to believe.

Personally I don’t know what is true about anything because I never personally saw the Oil Rig, I didn’t see the spill, I don’t have the scientific knowledge to calculate the barrels of gas off a video that I can’t KNOW if it is really live video from there or not… (I know it is, but you know what I’m saying??) It’s hard to be able to Believe what anyone is saying anymore.

When the disaster happend they said it was 1k barrels of oil leaking…than 5k barrels… and it’s gone up from there to more like 40,000 barrels a day. Now there saying that the “Fix” they tried to implement COULD have acutally made it worse? WHY weren’t there accurate numbers in the first place so that they could get an accurate read for if the “fix” is helping or not? Seems to me that they did the “Fix” so that it would be easier for them to load oil into tankers on the surface so they could still be making some $$$$ while they work on drilling “Relief” wells… OMGOSH!! What in the heck is going on.

I feel like BP is a murder and we’ve left them in charge of their own investigation… “Yeah let us know for sure if you did it or not Ok, and make sure you bury all the bodies??” When the “SHIT HIT THE FAN” our government should have taken over!! BP is in OUR WATERS! We should have had our people overseaing all of this from the first dang place!!


We all seem so willing to put our head in the sand and not care, but I REALLY think it’s we just don’t know what to do personally about it. “What can I do about it?” I just trust that the elected officials will do something, but it seems like our Government is more about “What the most profitable choice?” rather than “Doing the right thing!!”

Aghhh!!! Ok I think I’ve said my piece for now. Just gets sooo frustrating, and I don’t know what I can do about any of this. I didn’t vote for Obama, but seems to me he has a reponsiblity in this almost as much as BP. He gave all the power to BP to fix this mess, when he should have stepped up and required full disclosure from BP from the Get go. Our government over see it all not BP. Thank God for Rep. Ed Markey, who chairs the House Subcommittee on Energy and the Environment, or we would all be in the dark about ALOT of this!!

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