January 5, 2011

Dear Journal,

Wow two days in a row this is pretty good! Was a crazy day sort of. I didn’t get to bed until late last night and than was woke up early this am and am now feeling it but wanted to journal before going to bed.

Took the kids ice skating today. Lydia’s friend called yesterday and suggested the outing since it is early real ease from school and free admission and only $2.50 skate rental on wednesday with a coupon from the community center so the kids and I went. I didn’t skate today since I wasn’t sure what it’d be like there and so Timothy and I hung out while the girls all skated. It was fun hanging out. They had WiFi available so Timothy kept taking the IPad to look at music for the talent show. It’s fun to watch him be soooo excited, but annoying because I wanted to read a book I downloaded. Lol I figure hanging out with Timothy was a much better choice. I am sooo thankful for my wonderful kids. I like to think I had a hand in the being good kids, but I believe for the most part they are just really good at heart.

Anyway, got home and relaxed a bit and then got a call from a friend who needed some help. I was so pleased, not sure if that is the word I am looking for, but am glad she felt comfortable to call and ask for my help and I am glad I was able to for the most part. Her Dad ended up in the hospital tonight and it’s just got to be so scary to see her Dad going through this and not knowing what’s wrong and what choices needed to be made for his care. After staying a little while and talking with the nurses I left and I feel hopeful that he will recover and be around awhile longer. Still my heart is with her and I pray that she is comforted and that the Drs and nurses will be guided to know what to do if there is anything that can be done, and if not I hope that if it is his time to go that he goes without pain and is able to say goodbye and that she is able to say goodbye too.

After I got back I talked with Patrick a little but he was getting ready for bed. He has an interview in the morning so I’m hoping that he gets the job and the pay will be sufficient. We know that he probably won’t get what he was making at his old job, but something is better than nothing. He hopes that the base will call with an offer, he would rather work on the base than out in town again.

Well I better get to bed. Night night.

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