January 7, 2011

Dear Journal,

I’m going to keep this pretty short tonight since im really tired. Hehe Went to Seattle today to Jori’s lab appointment and then headed over to the south center mall. Been awhile since I’d been there. Was a lot of fun spending the day together and I even got a butter dish. Haha wanted one forever. Sort of needed one now though since we keep catching “Nutterbutter” (Our newest edition to our feline part of the family) licking the butter. Grrrr…

On the way back we saw some really pretty rainbows!! There was one as we were passing through Gorst looking back across the Sound towards Port Orchard that was like a double rainbow, but really close together. Full spectrum twice in a row snuggled up with each other. It was beautiful, and I hadn’t ever seen that before. I love living here in this area of the country even though it rains a ton. Hehe.

Patrick and I hadn’t spent much time together the past couple weeks, which is odd I know considering he’s been home most of the time lately, since he hasn’t been working. I guess the underlying stress of it all just makes it so we are together but not really talking because we just really don’t want to talk about the “what ifs” and worry about the “could happens”. So we finally had a date night tonight. We spent money and just enjoyed each others company and hung out. It was really nice for a change.

Ok time for bed, going to go snuggle up with the man I’ve been spending “For better and For worse” with for over 20yrs. 🙂 I sure love that man of mine!

Mighty night!

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