Dear Moon,

Just haven’t been feeling well for a few weeks now emotionally or physically.  I’ve been in a fall “funk” I guess, I don’t know.  I started on the welbutrin about a week ago so that should be helping soon, but until than I figured I should just get some stuff out.  I think part of this is hormonal I don’t know…

My birthday is coming up next week, and I’ve been wondering what is MY point lately.  Where am I going etc…  I figure I need to figure out Where I am before I can figure out Where I’m going.  So sick of dwelling on Where I’ve Been!   Problem I guess I’m running into is that somewhere along the way I lost myself.  Everything has been about What does everyone else needs?  Now I’m in a place where I can ask…What do I need?  What do I want? … and I don’t know.

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