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Patrick and I are on vacation for almost 2wks together without kids, and just finding us again. This is the first time he and I are out on our own since the kids, and no one died. Last time was when Daddy died May 2013.  I should be asleep, but I’m not. I am feeling pretty happy! I didn’t realize how much I needed to see my family, to feel that connection to my childhood and those who inhabited the happy places of my memory.

Most everyone that we have visited is someone that I haven’t seen in not just years, but decades. Also, I was able to find and connect with my Dad’s side of the family, I hope we can stay connected.

The whole trip started with planning to see my Mom since she hasn’t been doing too well. I didn’t want to wait so Patrick said let’s go. Also, my 30yr Class Reunion was coming up so just figured to lump it all in together. I figured we could save money by not doing the reunion, but Patrick pointed out that I may regret not participating, so now I am excited and nervous that we are going. It will be neat to see classmates from High School. It is especially significant having had my baby just graduated high school in June. 30yrs apart!

This trip has been emotionally healing so far. Between meeting my Dad’s nieces, to spending a few days chatting with my Aunt Elaine and visiting with my Aunt Lois I have learned so much and literally feel lighter.

Circumstances being as they were with my parents being divorced and what led to that fact, I didn’t often ever remember hearing people talk kindly and fondly about my Dad. On this trip, I was able to hear that he was FUN! That he was enjoyed. He and his Big Brother would tease with his brother’s kids. They said he was a good man and had a great smile. Something about that exchange has made me feel different, better.

When I was visiting with my Aunt Elaine I learned that she is a storyteller. I don’t know if I ever knew that about her, but she tells stories and then began writing them down. She let me copy them to a thumb drive and I am looking forward to reading them. Also, she colors. I LOVE coloring too but haven’t done it in awhile. I talked to her about so many things and her responses have changed me for the better I think. She reminded me to be positive.

While visiting with my Aunt Lois it hit me that I would have loved to have known her and had her to talk with throughout my life. She has such a great sense of humor and she sings often! It’s like there is always music in her and it periodically bubbles out, she will hear a phrase in a conversation that will remind her of a song and she will start singing that song. Many were from the Glenn Miller band era. A few I recognized a few I didn’t. I was sooo happy when I was able to get Clarissa on video chat and see her Great Aunt Lois. She got to see her Great Aunt Elaine to that way.

Tomorrow we head to Palm Springs for the 1st night of the reunion, a casual meet and greet. Then Saturday is the “Official Reunion”. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to see my Mom then or not. I’m really looking forward to seeing my Mom in a way I hadn’t before. We talked on the phone tonight and it just felt lighter and fun. Sitting and talking with my Aunt Lois somehow opened me up to see my Mom in a different way. I am not sure I could explain it. I think it would be a perspective thing.

Anyway, I REALLY need to get to sleep, I’m not sure what time check out is tomorrow, and I am making it hard for Patrick to sleep while I’m typing along here.

Goodnight Moon!

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