Busy Day

WOW, today was a busy day. I actually ended up not going to bed after I got off the computer. I decided i’d fold all the clean clothes that had been sitting ALL over the sofa downstairs for several days. I ended up folding them all and putting mine and Patrick’s away, than sat Timothy, Lydia & Clarissa’s clothes back on the couch in 3 neat piles for the kids to put away after they got up. I was pretty much done around 7:15am and realized that Timothy hadn’t gotten up yet so I figured he must not of turned on his alarm clock, and sure enough, he hadn’t. So, I woke Timothy & Lydia up and got them breakfast than FINALLY went to bed. I set the alarm for 11ish so that I could be up in time to take Clarissa to pre-school. She let me sleep off and on until than so I think I slept pretty well.

I got up and dressed than made sure I had all the dance clothes for everyone and she and I were off. She got to Pre-school around 1pm and than I headed over to the lake and sat there and watched the ducks/geese and read a magazine. I talked to Diana and ended up going over to her house and chatting until about 2:30pm than went and picked up Clarissa early and took her over to Dance. I left the dance place to head ALL the way back towards home so I could pick up Timothy & Lydia from school and than turn around and come all they way back to dance. We didn’t get done with dance until 6pm. Grrr…On the way home it was hard to keep my eyes open. Heck right now typing this it is hard. hehe This might work out really well if I can actually last until bed time rather than going to bed early.

Well, the kids are eating (as well as fighting/arguing/crying/screaming etc..) and everyone needs a bath I think. Maybe than can go one more day. Hmm I doubt it. OH well, it’s only 7pm, not like I can go to bed right now. hehe OK, i’m going to go maybe just lay down and “rest my body” as my mother used to say.

I’ll see about writing more later.

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