Might have worked

Well, might have worked this going to bed early thing except I woke up for no reason at all at 12:15 (After 1hr) than I fell back to sleep and woke up at 3:30am and I don’t think I really feel back to sleep until close to 5am and than was only for a little while AGAIN and than I got up with the kids had some breakfast got them off to school and broke down and went to bed. Grrr… I slept for awahile from about 8:30am until about 4ish. I really want to knock this off and get on a “Normal” schedule. The furry ferrets haven’t been out for 2 days. I went out with the kids around 5ish and we got some stuff at Safeway. One of the things was Unisom. I took one almost an hour ago and it’s not even doing anything that I know of. It’s after 11:30pm here though now sooo I’m going to try and do this get to bed at a decent hour thing again. Wish me luck.

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