Ok here we go again… Another try.

Well, last night was better than the night before. I finally resorted to a sleep aid. Ewwww… So, after taking a Unisom I went to bed around 11:30pm since I was actually feeling kind of tired and than *Blahm* around 1:00am I hear both my girls crying for me. Ughh… Lydia woke up with a nightmare and since Clarissa was in bed with Lydia that screaming and crying in turn woke up Clarissa and made her start to scream and crying and they went into to Timothy since I told them I was taking this sleep aid and was afriad I might not hear them if they were to wake up and … Ughhh … Anyway, it kind if worked the way it should if I couldn’t hear them, but I heard them and so I finally got them back to bed and me back in bed around 2am and I think I slept pretty well until around 5am when I woke up and had to PEE… Grrr… Ok so than I went back to sleep fairly easily which was a shocker and than woke up around 7:00am cause I figured I might as well get up since I didn’t think I could sleep anymore. SO, hopefully tonight will be better although I did take a nap today since I was feeling REALLY tired from around 11am – 2:30pm. Old habits die hard. I am used to sleeping during the day ya know. Ok well, I’m off to try and become normal. 😛 It’s been pretty close to 4years or more since I was on a “Normal” sleep schedule so, I guess I should expect it to take a little more time.

I was bumbed that today I felt very unmotivated even though I knew I had had enough sleep. That part I hope goes away. I want to feel happy/motivated that type of thing. I’m afraid that that part of me is broken some how, or will always be set to around 3am. Grrr… Ok i’m going to bed now.

Sweet dreams.

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