Email to Aunt Elaine –

Hi Aunt Elaine,

How are you doing? I think about you often especially when I refer to Lydia as L.E. and recall that the E is for Elaine. Or I’ll hear Timothy actually being bossy and call her Lydia Elaine and that makes me think of you too (The Elaine part, not the bossy part :D). I feel bad that I haven’t kept in contact with you for so long. I know I shouldn’t be so depressed so much of the time, but hopefully I’ll snap out of it when things get somewhat “normal” someday, hopefully soon. Still hard to believe that I live in a home that is mine (well you know what I mean I think, Patrick and I’s, but still Mine).

I think my Mom gets jealous when I talk about you or think of your house growing up as Home. I don’t know if I was at your place much of the time growing up or what caused me to feel that way exactly, but it was a place that was Loving, comfortable and safe most all the time. When I heard you sold the house I felt pretty sad, it’s hard to imagine you anywhere else. How are you liking your new place? I wish I could see it. Do you have much of a yard where you are? I always imagine you having rose bushes. 😀

Well, the kids and I are doing pretty well, Patrick is gone again until the end of the Month. I talked with him earlier today since they happened to be in port in San Diego and he sounded like he was doing well. He said that they gave him a Palm Pilot thingy and he said he downloaded the scriptures to it so he can read it and he was excited about that. It’s funny how he’s such a good example for me. I just wish he were around more. I have a counselor I’m seeing now that I am hoping will help me with some coping skills for dealing with the time we are apart, I pretty much shut down these days. It’s odd how I’ve gotten through 14yrs of this Navy life, and am having such a problem seeing getting through just 2 more years of it.

How are all your kids doing? Randy & Angie? Larry and Carrie? Kelly? Janice & Roy? Katherine? Richard? Scott? Clark & Sylvia? And how about all the Grandkids? Andy & Evan? Travis (I have talked with him a couple times, we still haven’t worked out a time to get together.), Tyler, Tawny (Am I forgetting a T name?)? Autumn & Stacy? I don’t think I really know Janice & Roy’s children, but I’d like to still hear about them, and Richard’s also. How are Kathrine’s kids doing? Dana and Rhea are married? How about Donavan and … I can picture his face, but can’t remember his name. Is Scott around to take care of his kids now? That was really sad about him having to go off to Iraq, and about Julie not being able to take care of them. How are they all doing? How are Clark and Sylvia’s children doing? I don’t remember their names, but I think there were 5 children last I heard? Wow, Aunt Elaine you have such a wonderful family. 🙂 When I read in my Patriarchal blessing where it says “You will look down the corridors of time seeing the good you’ve brought upon the Earth.” I actually think of you and how yours must say that. I’m sure all their lives are not perfect, but they must think of you as such good example as I do.

I love you Aunt Elaine I’m sorry we never got to go to that Movie together like we had always talked about doing. I hope one of these days I’ll get the chance to get down your way again and we’ll be able to get together.

*Big Hugs*,

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