Happy Anniversary

Dear Journal,

Well, it’s Patrick and I’s 14th wedding anniversary and we are apart again.  3 years in a row now.  We sort of celebrated before he left this last time so that was nice, last year he had already been gone for several months before it so we couldn’t really celebrate it.  We got a baby sitter and went out to Dinner at the Olive Garden.  Seems to be our “Anniversary” dinner place.  hehe The last time I remember us celebrating our Anniversary we went there too.  Next year should be great, 15years and he should be home unless they make him ride the ship around to it’s new port.  *Crosses Fingers* I just hope and pray he won’t have to do that and that he will get shore duty early near here since he’s only got a couple years left before retirement.  Well, my therapist told me today to just take one day at a time. So, I’m not going to think about next year yet.  Just today. 

I got a cute email from him just after midnight with a sweet poem he wrote in it.

Sharolyn my love
My sweet lovely wife
I Love you so much
You’re the light of my life.
Knowing we’re a family
The best we can be
Makes me just smile
And think of thee
I Love your green eyes
Like shamrocks in spring
I Love your brown hair
It’s soft and curly
Your smile is like sunshine
Your laugh is like a spring
Your skin is like butter
So soft and so sweet
I love you my sweety
My honey, my love
I look forward to 14 more years
of our fantastic Love.
Love Patrick

He’s on watch at the moment and we are able to email back and forth.  So, it’s kind of working like “being together” for our anniversary.   Well, I need to start getting to bed earlier as usually so I better wrap this up.

Happy Anniversary to Me!

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