Email to Patrick tonight…

Hi Sweety,

Sounds like things have been pretty busy there. GQ’s sure dont’ sound very fun and exciting. 😦 I take it GQ doesn’t have anything to do with the Magazine? πŸ˜› You guys don’t go and talk about how to be stylish etc? *Giggles* Sorry they are holding one on Father’s Day love. I wish you were going to be here. I’m kind of frustrated because you STILL haven’t told me what you’d like me to get for your Dad for Father’s Day. 😦 And I’m guessing that you probably won’t get this and write to me before I go out tomorrow morning to get him something? SO, I’m going to just get him a Card and maybe some type of Shirt or Navy something or other. I think he likes “Navy” stuff? He’s proud you are in the Military and what you do. So, how about I’m the Father of a US Sailor T-shirt or something? πŸ˜› I looked at some computer speakers today that were SOOO cool. I almost got them for you, but figured I shouldn’t spend the money, and you already got a Father’s Day present? πŸ˜›

Well, I’ve been busy. This weekend Mom & Dad took the kids camping so it all pretty much started yesterday when I finished packing up the kids in the AM and got them all packed in the car with their bags and BIKES even. (I couldn’t figure out how you did it, fitting all 3 of them in the van at once, but I eventually got it in. Phew! πŸ˜› ) So, there we were in the garage ready for “take off” and “Click…Click…Click” as I go to start the engine. Aghhhh!!!! The battery was dead. I forgot that the kids had left the van door open on of these nights the past few days and must have drained the battery. Grrrr… So, there I was STUCK. I called Cyndie (becoming me new old friend btw :P) and she said she couldn’t come right than so I called Allstate since I put roadside assistance on the insurance in November. Well, Allstate said we didn’t have it on there!! I was pissed. So, I had him add it than, but it didn’t help me this time. I went ahead and called Cyndie back and she said she’d call her friend Lorraine and see if she had cables since Cyndie didn’t have any and I didn’t replace ours yet. Nope Lorraine didn’t either, so I called Charlie down the street and he didn’t and I called Peter and he wasn’t home and I tried calling Mom and Dad on their Cell phone and they had it TURNED OFF (Grrr…) So, about an hour or so later I talk to Cyndie again and she said she is having a friend of her’s Mike come over and jump the van. Yeah!!!! So, I end up getting over to the camp site about 3 or so hours late. πŸ˜› It was all ok though since I don’t think Mom & Dad really plan on me being on time anywhere anymore anyway. πŸ˜€

Than I sat and chatted with Mom and Dad for a couple hours and remember I was supposed to head over to Cyndie’s after I got back into town so I headed out and went over to her house and ate dinner and hung out there until about 1am ish. Than I went Grocery shopping at Safeway for some things and than headed home at about 2am ish. πŸ˜› I put everything away and got PJ’s on and went into to brush my teeth at about 3am ish and had to put some stuff away under our bathroom sink and found out that the towels and stuff were WET under there. I ended up investigating it and some things were SOAKED. Aghhh… I hung out under the sink going through the baskets and drying stuff off afraid that the Liquid plumber I had poured down the drain was going to get all over everything under the sink, but it wasn’t Drano that I could tell, but it was WET. I STILL can’t tell you what caused the leak and sooo much water there. None of the pipes down there seemed wet at all so I couldn’t figure it out. 😦 I’ll have to go check and see if it’s wet again or not.

So, let’s see after that it was probably close to 4ish and I got on the computer to check email and stuff and wrote you a quick note and headed off to bed. I couldn’t sleep and I think I probably fell asleep around 6am ish. *YAWN* πŸ˜› Cyndie called me at about 11:30am and woke me up, so I got up and she came over and we hung out all day today and went … Please don’t be angry… Please?… we went shopping at the Best Buy, The Mall and than we went to the Movies…*Ducks* and I ate Lunch out and Dinner out although she bought lunch at Wendys and I bought Dinner at Taco Time. πŸ˜› I bought the Movie tickets and she bout the popcorn. πŸ˜› *Covers her eyes* …Are you ok? I feel bad. I charged on the Avenue card and bought some cute clothes that Cyndie helped me pick out. *Ducks again* … Are you calm??? *Tries smiling with her eyebrows raised hoping you’ll smile too* πŸ˜›

Well, that was the past couple days. Here it is almost 1am and I’m rather tired. πŸ˜› I’m just kind of contemplating how things can go around full circle and here I am friends with Cyndie again. You and I went to California for awhile and she went off to Hawaii than we both end up back here in Bremerton and actually run into each other and end up living near by each other. WOW??? Do you think this is “meant to be”? Or maybe after the whole shopping trip thingy that it’s not????

I miss you, we talk about you and Kevin alot πŸ˜› We keep planning stuff where we hang out over there or they hang out over her. Do you remember Kevin much? I don’t really. He was gone so much before I don’t think we got to know him really when we all lived on Bonefish. I hope you and he get along ok. πŸ™‚

So, I guess I’d have to say the past, almost 2 weeks, I think my emotions/mood have been on a fairly even keel which is strange to say the least. I am hoping that it will stay. I know I’ve been reacting to “bad” things better like the Lice thing and the Battery thing more positively than I think I would have. I suppose it could be hormone changes since i’m on the rag, but hopefully we will see that it’s more “permanent”??

Well, Shadow is hounding me, I think she needs to go out although I just had her out about 30min ago. Grrr.. Kids are gone, but this big furry kid of ours is whiney and needy. She’s cute though. I better go. I MISS YOU!! I want you home. I am sooooo excited about you coming home and being home for a couple months. *Jumps up and down giggling*

Love you BUNCHES,

P.S. Please warn me if you are going to send me a “Heated” email about me being a bad girl and shopping. I don’t want to burn myself opening it. *Bites her nails worrying* I’m sorry. 😦

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