Email to Patrick…..

Hi Sweety,

Just got home and got the kids ready for bed. Rehearsal went on for a LONG while tonight. We were there late, but ended up probably wasn’t too bad actually. Also, there is like this sort of “side show” in the beginning than “Thumbalina” and than an intermission than another “side Show”. So, Timothy is in the last side show so the girls and I will be there late tomorrow night and Saturday to watch Timothy in his hip hop performance. 😛 His Lizard costume is VERY cool. All the kids look good actually. I tried getting some movies of them tonight, but didn’t really work too well I don’t think. I will try and get some pictures of them all made up tomorrow before the show. Cyndie is supposed to go and watch with me tomorrow, and than I will sit back stage with Timothy on Saturday and than when the girls are done I’ll have our girls and all the lizards/hip hop boys. OH well, should be fun. My neck is killing me though. I guess I have some tension going.

When Timothy was at rehearsal earlier today at the dance studio I was sitting with Clarissa and looked through her hair and guess what I found. Aghhh!!!!!!!!!!!! Lice… I must have not gotten all the eggs so these were the ones that had hatched. I don’t think they were old enough to lay eggs yet thank goodness because I didn’t see any eggs. So I came home and treated her with this stuff that is supposed to kill the lice and eggs. I sprayed the couch with the stuff I had from the first treatment and tore everything off her bed and stuck it in the washer again. Only thing is, I forgot to do her dang car seat AGAIN, and she used it to ride to and from the rehearsal tonight, so I guess she could have gotten some that were on the car seat. 😦 Aghhhh!!!! I hope not. I think I’m just going to not stress about it right now. It’s hard to be doing all this crap alone. 😦 The house is TRASHED, and I’m tired, and Clarissa is in our bed tonight because I didn’t get a chance to put her bedding in the dryer before we left.

They did really well at Swimming lessons tonight also. I shouldn’t have had them go since that is a major reason why we were running late tonight. I need some help. I’m feeling really overwhelmed with everything being such a mess and I don’t know where to start. 😦 Ughhh I”m supposed to have counseling tomorrow AM. Aghh… Yikes what a day.

I love you sweety, I will get what I got on the camera off it and on the site as soon as I get a chance, or you might have to wait until you get home. Everything still scheduled for you to get back when you were supposed to get back? Money is all gone so don’t spend any Okies? I shouldn’t have gone to the movies with Cyndie and spent money that we didn’t have there. Aghhh… This has been the longest week ever, and it’s not even over yet. There is $.08 cents in the checking account and Shadow needs dog food that I can only get at Costco and I can’t use a credit card there. Also, I need to scrape up 10 to pay the baby sitter tomorrow so I can go to counseling. I’m such a stupid head for spending money. Also, all this costume, makeup and extra money for dance stuff has kicked our financial butt this month since I didn’t really plan on it being sooo much. Oh well, I guess if we are going to let the kids keep doing shows I”ll have to gear more money towards it.

Well, I better get going. I think Timothy and Lydia are still awake upstairs watching TV. I hope they aren’t watching something they aren’t supposed to be. Ughh…

I miss you soooo much,
Love always,

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