Been sick for over a month… :(

Well, looks like I’m FINALLY starting to feel better. I don’t think I’ve ever been sick for this long before. Coughing and Coughing. ER told me last weekend that I have bronchitis and than when I went to the Dr. last friday he said it was possibly a sinus infection too so he put me on an anti-biotic and I think it’s helping. I hate taking anti-biotics when I don’t have a fever cause it means it’s probably just viral, but I guess if it’s helping I must have needed it. I’m just REALLY run down now that the constant coughing and chest congestion has subsided. I’m still coughing, but at least it’s not ALL THE TIME. My sinus’ still get plugged, but it’s not too bad. I’m just tired now and kind of dizzy. It’s only about 6pm so I can’t really go to bed yet. I don’t want to throw my sleep schedule WAY off again. It’s FINALLY getting somewhat normal.

Patrick’s been gone since the 7th and just got back today so that is a BIG relief. It’s so hard when I’m so sick and he’s gone. At least now the kids are older and can do alot of helping out around here. Timothy even watched the girls while I was at the ER. They are such good kids. I’d like to think that it’s cause I’m a good mother, but I don’t know if I could go that far. 😀 I have a hard time thinking good of myself. But I can honestly say the best think I’ve ever done in my life was bring my children into the world. They are such a blessing. Not sure why they picked me to be their Mom, but I’m soooo glad that they did.

I’ve been trying to think better of myself and that is the one thing that is helping me do it. Looking at my children and trying to see me as not so bad since the kids are part of me. Something like that. It’s hard to explain, but it’s kind of working. I’ve been feeling better about myself and wanting to get healthy and feeling more motivated to get things done and stuff. Bummer part is being sick not being able to do much, but I do try and look at the little things I do and realize I’m not a complete failure each day.

Anyway, I better get busy on some Laundry. It’s soooo nice having Patrick home. I’m actually have some quiet time. Usually Clarissa is “checking in” on me off and on and sometimes it’s really annoying. I call it “checking in” cause I don’t think she even realizes what she does, but it’s kind of cute, but also annoying. She will go off do her own thing for a little while than come see what I’m up to, or come ask me if she can have something or do something. It’s kind of funny. She gets more and more clingy when she gets Tired or Hungry. I like it when she gets all snuggly though.


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