Thoughts on Mortality….

Thoughts of Mortality have been really hard to deal with the past year or 2. Also, knowing that my Mother has Multiple Myeloma cancer and will more than likely die from it or complications from it just drives me nuts. Of all the people in the world to get this cancer why MY Mom. She has been through soooo much in her life. She raised 4 kids pretty much on her own. My Dad helped her as he could, but that wasn’t much for 4 kids. Sam and Susan are about 5yrs older than Stuart and I and I was working it out the other night she was 57 when I graduated from High School. She has finally found that really special someone to spend the rest of her life with and now it will be cut short by cancer. I mean sounds like she will have 8yrs there abouts I guess, but this cancer is really debilitating it sounds like. I’m scared for her, also I don’t know how I will live without my Mom just a phone call away…

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