Fun Day!


(1st Stop on our way to Sequim)
Headed out this afternoon to go wonder around Poulsbo and Bainbridge Island with Susan Adamson, Timothy Buck, Lydia Buck & Clarissa Jenay Buck and ended up with a “Vote” to go to Sequim to the Olympic Game Farm instead!!  Haha We ended up getting there around 4pm, did the drive and got Yak and Elk spit all over the car windows.

(You should hear and see what Susan is saying and doing.)
I have to admit I felt pretty powerful with the window up down button at my finger tips and a buffalo trotting up to my sister’s side of the car.  Muahahaha… After that we were STARVING, if I had known we were going to go that far I would have packed snacks at least, thankfully we did have water.



Susan treated us for dinner.  Garden Chinese restaurant in Sequim is sooooo YUMMY!!!  We left Sequim around 7pm and headed home.

Decided to stop along the road at one of the state parks and realized we needed a Discover Pass and we were in luck since they sold them there. So got that taken care of for Mt. Rainer since we’d need one to go there anyway too. ( Yes going to visit…The VoLCANO!!, I know it’s pretty there, but still it’s a Volcano!)

On the way home in a round about way we decided to go see Poulsbo but ended up driving on Bangor Sub base seeing where we used the live.  It was pretty funny to hear the kids chatter about memories of that place, but Clarissa was having some kind of anxiety issue and was feeling upset.  Yikes!  Life was extra stressful at the time we lived there so it was kind of understandable.  ANYWAY, after that we drove to Poulsbo and had some ice cream at the Mora Iced Creamery and wondered around in the dark.  Lol!!  The shops are kind of fun to look into when they are closed and don’t have to worry about buying anything. Lol  Also, found this restaurant I want to check out sometime Casa De Luna that was back in a little ways off the main drag.  Smelled really yummy.

Well, time for bed, it was a really really good day!  So glad my Sister is here.

EDIT 8-20-11 9:17pm – Didn’t need the Discover pass for a National Park.  Oops!  Oh well. Also, we got to pet a Zebra up at Sequim.  That was just soooo cool!!

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