306012_10150271094545488_5520937_nWe left around 9am for Rainer which was actually VERY cool since we don’t EVER leave at the time we plan to.  It was a PERFECT day for a trip up to Paradise!  Thing is, good thing we left early because I think half the state had the same idea we did and went to Rainer today.  Lol!  We parked in a lower lot and took the shuttle to the visitor’s center.  All brand new!! Last time we were there was in 2004 I think.

319316_10150271095145488_8177385_nWe hiked up one trail to an area with water falls and than I was done and Patrick took pitty on me and stayed with me. Susan and the kids hiked up further.

311196_10150271096640488_4180785_nSusan got them to hike up to the trail that ended up covered in snow.  Pretty much needed some kind of snow shoes to go on from there.  Someday maybe one of the kids will hike Mt. Rainer.  Their Uncle Peter and their Great Uncle Bill went to the summit.

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