January 6, 2011

Dear Journal,

What a day! Lol. Headed out around 11:30am to head over to Lowes and Lingenbrink Ortho to get the iPod touch I won. Drove over and picked up Sage and checked out her new porch and stairs which look awesome I might add, and chatted with the contractor guy who is doing the work. He is really nice and we ended up on the topic of squirrels and found out the large nests that I see in many of the trees around the area here are squirrel nests. Which I thought was pretty cool.

Well from there we headed off to Lowes to get my “cleaning bucket” and ended up hitting Taco Bell for a little $2 deal lunch. Yummy. We ended up talking and laughing like we always do when we are hanging out. We hung out for awhile in Lowes parking lot than headed in for the search for the “cleaning bucket”. First the guy that greeted us offered me the 1gal size and I had to tell him that was just to big, so he took us over to an area with lots of paint buckets etc… Sage and I found a smallish one that I really like that was just right, and she said her mom has the same bucket, so figured it must be the perfect size “grin” which I do think it will be great, nice and sturdy and perfect size for my scrub brush. :). So, we headed out and we were thirsty so stopped at Jack in the Box for a large tea…(they have the best iced tea I think).

Well, we headed back to my house and sat down and than I realized we hadn’t stopped to pick up the iPod. *face palm* …

So Patrick was also needing a really sturdy light bulb for his work light in the garage soooo…. We headed back over to Lowes, we went through the different bulbs and then left and then I was a bit hungry so we hit Taco bell again. Haha same lady was working and she thought it was pretty funny and asked if we’d be back later, had to break it to her that we wouldn’t be back again today. Hahaha

So we headed home, but realized that it was almost time to get Calli, Tel and Kaitlyn from school, so we couldn’t go get the Ipod and headed straight to the school to get the kids. Then we headed to their house and dropped everyone off, and I pulled up in front of the house and was like… Againg I didn’t get the IPod! So it was almost 4pm, I called in to Patricks phone and asked him to send Lydia out and after calling the Ortho office to make sure they would be there we raced off, Marifae said she would be there until 4:20pm and we made it. She is such a sweet lady, and we were able to meet her hubby. What a cute couple! Anyway, I had told Lydia that she was going to have to wait until her birthday to get the iPod, but since she was with me i figured what the heck she could have it now. She was soooo happy, she even did this little “I got an IPod touch dance” as we were leaving. Ill have to ask Marifae if she saw her. Hahaha

After we had left for the Ortho office Patrick had texted that we should pick up Timothy from swim practice while we were out so we TCDD back sure, and than got the iPod, and after getting it headed HOME… Oops!! We get part way over the bridge and than I remember. Ughh… We FORGOT TO GET TIMOTHY from swim practice. Hahahh Lydia and I were gabbing about how the iPod touch would get broken or stolen on the way home or in the next couple days, and just laughing our butts off. She had gotten a cell phone her 6th grade year and was soooo excited about this cell phone that flipped out sort of like a jackknife and was an mp3 player, it ended up getting stolen TWICE and she had so much heart ache and stress over it that I think we realized somewhere during that whole issue that it was “Just a phone” that our giggling was our way of reminding ourselves that yes this IPod touch is awesomely cool! But, it is still just a thing and isn’t really that important to get sooo upset about if something terrible should happen to it.

I felt bad for Clarissa when we got home and she saw Lydia had the only thing she really wanted for Christmas! We told her that she would get one for her birthday, but she really didn’t want to have to wait. She was upset a bit and than she realized she will be getting hers and chilled out some. When we had asked Lydia what she had wanted for her birthday, since it is in like 20days, she really just said books. I had asked her if she would want an iPod touch and she was saying “no they cost too much” because she is old enough to realize all this money mess with Patrick not having been working. So winning an IPod touch I know was for her. She is so good with money, smart with her education, and has most always acted so mature. Well accept when she would run headlong for the ocean when she was little because she loved the water sooooo much. Hehe

Well, I better wrap this up, heading to Seattle tomorrow for Jori’s dr apt. Sage and I are taking Jori, Clarissa, Calli, and Kk so it should be a fun day. Sooo, I’ll have to wait until Saturday to use my new “cleaning bucket”!

Nighty night